The Saem Saemmul Creamy Fix Lip Liner in 03 French Brown review

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The Saem Saemmul Creamy Fix Lip Liner in 03 French Brown review

Oh the Saem, you are one of those brands I haven't tried too many products off, yet a brand which every product I have tried I have also really liked.
I hope one day to try your cosmetics out more extensively but due to your travel sets (if they exist), not being available to me and samples scarce, the way to extensive brand discovery will be long.
Yes, I like the Saems product quite a bit so far and I am not surprised how much I would like this lipliner after their Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips Matte became one of my favourite lipsticks.
A little while ago Kosmeshop sent me a nice package full of (self chosen) goodies and this was one of them. 
Why did I choose to get this lipliner? 
Because it was cheap that is why. 
Yes, sometimes I choose items to try just because they are super cheap even if I don't pay for them. Why, because I am frugal I suppose and also because I like getting the most out of shipping so it kind of became habit.
I am one of those people who really like lipliners and always uses them when lipstick is going to be applied to my mouth region.
To me they make lipsticks look better, last longer and are great to changed the colors of the lipsticks themselves. Just like I made the Saems Kiss Button lips ashier and darker than it was just by adding plain brown liner underneath.
Since I am a fan of matte lips and matte lipstick was not always widely available I also often use lipliners on their own.
And this is such a pretty color and lovely finish that I end up using it on its own for the most part.

The Saem Saemmul Creamy Fix Lip Liner in 03 French Brown review

The liner is a standard twist up type pencil. It is similar to gel liners in consistency that it is relatively soft and easy to apply, smudgeable until it dries and then stays more or less put.
It is easy to use and since it is so soft glides on the lips like a matte lipstick or a thinner lip pencil. 
No tugging whatsoever.
This way the color also applies evenly which is nice.
I find the color really pretty. It is a medium brown that is definitely darker than my actual lip color (most “brown” lip products I find, tend to be either the same color as my lips or even lighter) but with a red tint to it. Not too red but half way between a plain brown and a brick red brown.
It goes well with Kiss Button Lips if you are so inclined to use them together or as I already mentioned use it by itself. It could also be mixed with reds to make the reds more earthy and less bright, darken and muddify lighter colors or lighten really dark browns or burgundies. These are just suggestions of course since lipliners really can be used with most lipsticks to create something interesting.

The Saem Saemmul Creamy Fix Lip Liner in 03 French Brown swatch

I am really happy with the quality, especially for the price. It is nicer than the Etude House lipliners and even nicer than some higher end lipliners I have tried in the past.

It lasts a good time on the lips depending on what you do. Four to eight hours is about the wear time I get from it but I do drink and fidget with my lips a lot. I know the time difference is vast, but it really just depends if I am disciplined enough to keep the lip activity to a minimum or not.

The Saem Saemmul Creamy Fix Lip Liner in 03 French Brown swatch

I really recommend this lipliner to lipliner fans out there. The quality is really excellent and I have no complaints about this product at all.

I only give it a 5 and not 6 because I don't think lipliners could become an HG product.
Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha 

Available at Kosmeshop
Available on Ebay

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by Charles Addams

Most Outstanding and Utterly Superb Cosmetics of 2015

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Most Outstanding and Utterly Superb Cosmetics of 2015

I honestly can not believe that 2015 is almost over already! This year really snuck up on me to be honest. Unlike 2014 there were lots of things and changes happening and when that is the case time usually passes by a lot faster than usual. I might have been quite busy this year but I still used a lot of fantastic cosmetics which I would like to share with you today. Even though I had specific product categories last year I won't do so this time again since I simply have not used enough new makeup to fill each section.

Alright then here I present to you my favourite cosmetics of the tumultuous year that was 2015:

This year I have tried a lot of different products that contain Hydroxy acids but two of them stood out to me in a significant way.
Papa Recipes White Flower Clear Up 8% AHA Gel (review here) was not only effective and gentle at the same time, it is also the most hydrating acid I have used so far. When using this (especially on dry or dehydrated skin) the waiting time goes by in a breeze since you dont have to sit there with super tight and painful skin. The good news is that since it does absorb into nothingness it is also suited for oilier skinned people. And to top it off it is one of the cheapest acids around since one bottle may last you an entire year since it seems to be an endless pit filled with AHA goodness.
Favorite acids

If you are more of a BHA type person you might like to give Chica y Chicos Beta Salic 2.0 acid a try. As I have written before Johnny has issues with almost all BHAs since they irritate his skin. Not only is this gentle enough for him to use 4 times a week but it is strong enough to be effective. I say four times since his skin gets slightly irritated if he uses it every day or twice a day. A fact that makes me believe that the product is effective after all. Not being sensitive to BHAs I use this every day on porey areas and it works wonderfully to keep my skin in check. Both our pores have been looking pretty fresh recently and due to its cream format it isn't overly drying either. Not as hydrating as Papa Recipes AHA but not as drying as 80% other acids I have tried. 
Gentle, effective and non drying Huzzah!

Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Essence (review here) is a weird product. Seemingly not doing anything until you stop using it and realise that it was making your skin feel scrumptilicious! As written in my full review here, I really didn't know if it even did anything at all but it did indeed. It is more hydrating for me than Hada Labos Lotion and has a big dose of super ingredient Niacinamide to boot. This stuff may feel like nothing but after the plump and glowy face you will likely get from this, it might just become a staple product in your routine.

Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Essence

An ode to C20/C21.5 (review here and mini review here). I love you and the magic you produce on my face is so shocking it makes me rethink all expectations I ever had for cosmetics. I know that not everyone gets their fine lines zapped away with this as I do. I still dont understand how this serum manages to get rid of my lines after a week of use. I am not complaining so I will simply accept it. Vitamin C is incredibly beneficial for a myriad of skin types and concerns and this happens to not only be effective but also very affordable. I have used this on and off for over a year now and everytime it is not in my routine I miss it. I hope it never gets discontinued!

This was a very good year for facial oils and me. Usually I have a huge beef with them since they generally are so unpleasant yet a necessity for my super dry skin. 
First off is Graymelins Natural 100% Facial Oil (review here) which might not be the richest in the world but it is definitely the dryest oil I have used. It definitely gives me the benefits of using a facial oil without the oiliness that entails. It feels more like a hybrid serum than a true oil which makes it more comfortable to use. I like to mix this into creams and lotions or use it just by itself when my skin is feeling tight.

Favorite Oils

The Saem is one of the brands of the year for me. Practically all of their items have been a hit for me and it all started with this precious Urban Eco Harakeke Seed oil (review here). This oil is richer than the Graymelins and even though it feels a little more like oil it is still very comfortable to use. It doesn't feel too filmy or oily and absorbs quite fast. I really like this stuff and hope to try other products from the same line soon.

I am generally a fan of Japanese sunscreens and Korean sunscreens leave me a little unimpressed. This year I had the chance to try a ton of Korean sunscreens though (I think around 15 or so!) and actually found one that I liked just as much as it's Japanese counterpart.
Etude Houses Sunprise Super Aqua (review here) is so comfortable to use since it leaves no white cast, absorbs fast and is non oily. It is quite watery like most japanese sunscreens yet more hydrating than most.
It is a great budget sunscreen that will likely always be in my stash in case I run out of Japanese ones.

Favorite Sunscreens
If SPF 35 isn't really your thing that Biore might be a better bet. A few months ago a lovely friend brought me some Biore Aqua Rich Watery Gel since my beloved Watery Mousse is discontinued and the gel comes in a bigger bottle as well. I have to say I am very happy with the Gel. I was a little worried since some people have mentioned that the Watery Essence is drying but I dont find the gel to be so at all. It is quite liquid but easy to use, absorbs and dries fast with its non greasy texture and leaves no white cast on my NC 30-35 skin tone. I have been a Biore fan since my first steps into Asian Beauty years ago and I can not see me getting lots of duds from this very reliable brand in the foreseeable future.

I am not a fan of masks, neither sheet masks nor wash off masks. I do enjoy the occasional sleeping pack but haven't found an HG there yet.
The Cosrx Apple Zone Power Patch (mini review here) caught me completely by surprise too. It was sent to me by Cosrx as a little freebie and I am so happy about it since I would never buy it myself. 
Before using it I was laughing at the thought of a tiny sheet mask for my cheeks and eye area only and I admit I still find it kind of silly. But this stuff is truly amazing. I don't know how they do it but after using it my skin looked so crazy smooth and even my small pores become smaller. They were practically invisible. One could see exactly which part was masked and which wasn't since the rest of my generally good skin looked not so good anymore compared to the bits that were Apple patched. The mask is also comfortable to use since it is a lovely hydrogel texture that is non wet and sticks really well to the face. The only thing I wish is that it was a full face mask since it works so well. 
I really hope that they make a full Apple mask happen one day, I would probably buy them all!

Cosrx Apple Patch C21.5 Serum
After discovering lip tints I have more or less given up on lipsticks since tints are so much more convenient, long lasting and unnoticeable on the lips.
When I got the Saems Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips Matte lipstick (review here) though I loved it so much that I have been using it regularly ever since. The color (mixed and unmixed) is very pretty and super flattering, but the texture of this is one of the nicest matte textures I had the luck to have on my lips. It is also long lasting which makes this the full package. I hope to try more colors soon and possibly discover more favorite lipsticks in the future.

The Saem Button Lips Matte

This is the only non Asian Beauty product that made it onto the list. I still use a good amount of western products since they are easy to get but most of them don't wow me too much. The Blackbird Cosmetics (review here) eyeshadow set happens to be the nicest shadow I have used in a long time. I like the quality of it more than my Stila and Mac shadows and the colors are incredibly gorgeous. They are now also available pressed which makes them even more convenient. I still hope that Blackbird will come out with blushes since my collections is lacking in a blush that I love.

Blackbird Cosmetics

What have your favorite Cosmetics of 2015 been?

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Remorse by Aubrey Beardsley 

Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Ultra Essence Mist review

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Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Ultra Essence Mist review

For most of the past year or possibly even more I have been reading mist recommendations as a somewhat amazing product that one "NEEDS" to use for skin comfort. Mists are touted as a hydration powerhouse that are meant to relieve skin during hot summer days or when air gets dry during cold winters. Having dehydrated skin, mists sound like a must-have to be able to fight that dehydration a little better. Especially considering that I live in a dry climate all year round, that might be killing off my skin little by little (at least that is how it feels sometimes).
It is funny how you often only read one-sided opinions until you try a product and make your own. Those are the perfect moments when you suddenly spot that rare opinion that the product might not be as great as most people say since it doesn't necessarily work in situation A or on skin type B.

That is exactly what happened. I finally got some mists and realised that they are pretty useless for dry skin, and that it is often more of a comfort product than a product to make significant change in the routine. A few months after this realisation I finally saw two people say just that. 
"Mists seem useless for dry skin."  And they are mostly right. 
After all, most mists, being the water based creatures they are, don't supply any oils to your face, which is what dry skin really needs. 
I wanted to give up on mists, also because I don't find them to be that pleasant to use at all, but then I spotted the Good Cera Ultra Essence Mist.
Ceramides is one of these ingredients that science says I should use for my skin type. 

Science also says that most ceramides are not formulated to be as effective as I need them to be to make a significant difference for my skin type. This puts me in a complicated spot. 
How does someone as ingredients savvy as I (not really, most of it is gibberish to me unless I really read up on it) figure out when a ceramide product is formulated to the point that the ceramides aren't just there to hydrate but also to help my skin barrier and all over dryness? 
Oh man, it's a lot of work I tell you. And sometimes I still can’t figure it out. Especially when you can't find ingredient lists.
Either way if this mist helps repair my skin barrier, which seems to always float somewhere between heavily fine and limbo-y death, it's not that relevant right now since it is the rare unicorn at the end of the rainbow. It is a mist to actually help dry skin!
Yeah you read that right. After an entire rant of how useless mists are for dry skin I present to you a mist that works for dry skin. Ha, I can be cheeky too sometimes.

I mean of course "working" is subjective since everyone's skin is different. But at least it is the mist that comes the closest to giving my super dry skin any kind of relief besides temporary wetness.

The reason for that being ( I can only assume without ingredients) is that the mist actually has some oils in it. And I can feel it. Just like adding a hydrating toner does not feel the same as adding an emulsion to your skin, even if the toner is really thick and the emulsion is really liquid usually there is a difference in the emollient/occluder part of the product that makes the difference for a dry skinned person.
Usually when I use a mist my face gets wet, then it dries and then it feels exactly the same way it did before I used it. Which usually is a dry sad bit of skin that I still am pretty convinced has a personal vendetta against me. Ok, maybe not that bad since at least it is so nice to seem relatively decent looking to an outsider but on the inside it's usually tight and often also painful and itchy.
Anywho, when I add the Good Cera mist my skin gets wet, then it dries and then it actually feels like product was added to my skin!
That is the huge difference. And just like if I would only add a hydrating toner, my skin would probably laugh at my attempt and promptly go back to being super dry, it has to work a little harder if I would only add an emulsion instead.
So basically this mist is like the emulsion equivalent of all mists. I am not sure there is more out in the world since I haven't found others but so far I am quite happy with this one.

The smell is super inoffensive which is important to me. It smells kind of like the rest of the Good Cera line but softer. It's a creamy type skincare scent that is hard to describe.
The mist mechanism is indeed very fine which makes the experience significantly less wet unless you choose to spray for a long time. 
And as mentioned before there is indeed some kind of a change after the mist dries. It is not that it leaves a layer per se on the skin but simply like you applied more than just water.
My skin feels better after using it even though it is indeed temporary. But that way if I use it a few times a day it holds me over on the days that I am feeling especially dry.

Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Ultra Essence Mist review

Since my skin is so extremely dry and it is relatively happy with this product I can only assume that the dry skinned peeps out there that are more on the normal dry spectrum should be really happy with this mist as well. And if you are one of the lucky ones for whom no products seem to work (oh hey there buddies!) this might do at least a little bit (or more than other mists at least). So if you like mists and have dry skin I would absolutely recommend giving this a try. After all, they can relieve dryness in dry winter rooms or on hot summer days equally.

Ingredients: Couldn't find any

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Available on Kosmeshop

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. That fact does not alter my review or opinion in any matter. For more information read my Disclaimer page 

Stylekorean revealed and reviewed

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I have been really slacking with the store reviews lately and I apologise.
It is not that I haven't tried new stores or that I haven't purchased anything, but for some reason I keep forgetting to do so and then ages pass. Well, I decided that I will still review the stores regardless. 

Today I am talking about a newer store that as far as I know is run by the same people that Honestskin was. Only that their prices are often very low due to some pretty steep sales.
Prices are comparable to Roseroseshop levels (a store I still love to use) which is known for very low prices when it comes to Korean cosmetics.
I ordered from Stylekorean on the 26th of June during their opening sale and even though some prices were kind of average others were super cheap, which is why I bought from them in the first place. They shipped out the package the same day in the afternoon, which is super fast of course. Then things slowed down thanks to the Spanish postal system. By the first of July the package was already flying out of Incheon, not to be heard again until it arrived here on the 22nd of July.
I have honestly no idea what the heck they were doing with my stuff for 22 days. 
That shipping time is really not the norm, not even in Spain, but it can happen of course. 

The items were well packaged in a box and wrapped carefully.
To my surprise there was quite a large amount of samples included in the box. 
I even received a Laneige travel set! 
I am not aware that it was part of a promotion (maybe since it was an opening event) or a mistake. Either way I got it for free and that is great. I can not say how they deliver in the sample department in general since I have only ordered from them once, but I seem to be unlucky with samples so it's hard to judge. I have heard, for example, that people always get samples from Yesstyle. Yet I have not received a single one in the five orders I got from them. 
Regardless, Stylekoreans service was fast, and I have really no complaints at all.

Products I ordered:
Nature Republic Snail solution trial kit
The face shop Honey citron tea moisture hand cream
Innisfree Olive real essential oil Ex
Innisfree Olive green real skin
Tonymoly Nutra energy 100 hours cream
The saem Natural tox Pumpkin Mask Sheet
Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet
Missha Brown Rice Powder Wash 

Samples I got:
5x Missha BB cream sample
Laneige perfect renew trial kit

I would absolutely order from them again. Especially during some of the amazing sales they have.
Have you ordered from Stylekorean and how was your experience?

Which product should I review first?

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by Carson Ellis

Nuxe Huile Prodigiuese Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

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I promise I am no Asian cosmetics snob and sneer down on anything non Asian. I simply had some disappointing experiences with French Pharmacy products but promise to review some beloved (to me) Western cosmetics in time. I don't know if I am spoiled with really good products, or if the internet just hyped up the French ones to death that my expectations where unrealistically high. Either way since I believe that every product deserves a review (not just the amazing ones) I decided to write about some of those meh and ugh Western ones I have used. Starting with a bunch of French items I got when visiting said country last year.

As you might have noticed I am a big fan of oils. Having virtually no natural sebum production, oils are one of those ingredients I can not do without. The only issues is that I have some sensory sensitivities and oils can be quite triggering. I simply can not stand to feel anything on my skin (moisture is fine actually as long as it is not too wet *yikes*) for too long and many products tend to tickle my skin which drives me crazy. Oils are quite problematic since they often leave a film that seems to stay on my skin for ever and ever. Many of them have this so called tickle effect which makes me want to wash them off immediately or simply scratch of my facial skin slowly and satisfactorily (similarly to the urges one gets when bitten by a mosquito).
That's about accurate
Fortunately not all oils have this effect on me and some of the sink in fast without tickling or any other nasty is effects.
Unfortunately Nuxes oils is not one of them. Being touted as a dry oil I really expected it to feel, well, kinda dry.
It does not to be honest.
It is not as bad as, lets say pure Olive or Coconut oil but it certainly is not as dry as (what I consider to be actually dry) the Graymelin 100% Natural Facial oil.
It certainly feels like oil and takes its time to sink in. It leaves your face with some shine that also takes quite a while to disappear.

I could live with this I suppose, but the worst part is the scent. Some people love it but even if I was fond of it, it is incredibly strong. To the point where I get a headache when I use it. It also doesn't dissipate quickly, which leaves me with this intense scent that seems to linger forever and ever. And of course I am not fond of the scent at all. It is hard to describe but it is certainly flowery in the bad vintage kind. At least to me, even though I quite like some vintage perfume scents. Looking at the ingredients fragrance is really high up for skincare, and seeing how many natural extracts and oils it has I really don't find it necessary.
Does it do its job as an oil, I suppose so, but so do all other oils. So for me this one is a big no no.
This is incredibly surprising to me since there is a few Nuxe products that I loved, including their Reve de Miel Creme Visage which I consider an HG western cream for very dry skin.

So if you like oily oils that are very strongly scented you will likely enjoy Nuxes “Dry” oil, otherwise maybe try another less oily, less intense, cheaper version for your own skincare pleasure.

Ingredients: Here

 Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Available on Ebay