Nature Republic Snail Therapy Skin Booster and Emulsion review

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I was given this deluxe sample set from a friend thanks to an awesome sample exchange arrangement we have.
I loved it so much I decided to buy more to make sure they performed as wonderfully as I thought.

Even though I don't like reviewing products together, since I always test them separately at least for a little bit to see how they work by themselves, I will do it this time since they come as a set.

Nature Republic Snail Therapy Skin Booster and Emulsion review

Nature Republic Snail Therapy 90 Skin Booster
Ultra-moisturizing booster revitalizes dull and dry skin with the use of highly concentrated snail mucus extract and adenosine. Regenerative formula repairs damaged cells and smoothens lines and wrinkles, while generous moisturizers keep skin constantly hydrated for improved suppleness and noticeable change in texture. Suitable for all skin types.

I will start with the least impressive of the two, the Skin Booster.
"What the heck are Skin Boosters?" you might think.
Well, they are kind of like fancy Toners, meant to help prep the face and be able to aid the absorption powers of your skin to be able to suck in more of the following goodness and thus boosting the rest of the products in your routine.
As you might have noticed I am not a big fan of Toners, I mean I use them daily and I believe they are essential but I just haven't used one yet that made me sing in joy.
So, even though I try plenty I usually stick to my very-basic-but-it-does-its-job-2-euro-toner.

He knows!
ThisBooster makes me feel like it does give me more benefits than the above mentioned Toner, but since I try to bombard my face with products that are practically swimming in great actives and ingredients I don't feel like that step is necessary.

The thing is that I do like using it if I have it (or any moisturizing toner for that matter) but it doesn’t actually make a difference in my skin condition.
If I add it to my routine my skin doesn’t look or feel better and when I stop using it my skin doesn’t get worse either.
The reason for that is that my skin is so incredibly dry that the moisture isn’t enough and since I have so many snail products in my routine already the slimy goodness doesn’t make much of a difference either.
That being said, if you do have a Toner or Booster in your routine and it does make a difference this is definitely one you should try.
From the ones I have used, it is one of the better ones!

Nature Republic Snail Therapy Skin Booster swatch

It smells very fresh and fruity in a comforting and subtle way.
It is a joy to use since it is refreshing and absorbs instantly as soon as it touches your skin.
It does that so fast, you actually need to use quite a bit since it is absorb before you can spread it.
I believe this would be great in a spray bottle, actually!
It is liquid but thicker than water with a slight slimy look that is reminiscent of most Hyaluronic acid products.

Shaky camera provided by Johnny Clyde
I don’t feel like it helps me absorb the following products any more but my skin is such a little sponge that it has always sucked in anything I apply faster than you can say Skin Booster.
All in all it is a solid product that would be a joy for Toner and Booster aficionados.

Nature Republic Snail Therapy 80 Emulsion
Nature Republic Snail Therapy is a skin repair product line that contains highly-concentrated snail mucus that is harvested from clean ponds. This amazing regenerative snail mucus makes the skin smooth and healthy by working wonders on the skin with various skin problems such as blemishes, acne scars, red blotches, a dull skin tone, and sagging. This liquid emulsion contains 80% snail mucus for restoring and repairing your skin.

Now onto the Emulsion.
Oh my, do I love this stuff!
I have noticed that my skin seriously benefits from using an Emulsion in my routine!
So I have been hunting down for a solid product I can keep in my permanent line up.
Something gentle and smooth yet hydrating with lots of actives.
The first time I tried this my skin was in horrible condition!

I present to you, my winter skin!
Winter was slowly ending and my skin was completely destroyed by the crazy weather.
I received these samples and after about 3 to 4 days of using them my skin started feeling much better.
I got instant relief for my parched rough skin when applied but the longer I used it the better the condition of my skin became.
Even after the Booster ran out, simply using the Emulsion made my skin very happy.
It was actually kind of smooth for once!
Not super magically smooth like it was with the A;T Fox gel cream but quite wonderfully so, especially compared to the winter catastrophe!
Now that I have found a much better routine that I had during the winter, the Emulsion doesn’t do any miracles for me (since my skin is already pretty smooth!) but it is a perfect addition to my routine, since it does fulfill all of the wishes I had for an emulsion.

It smells just like the booster, fruity fresh and subtle.
I really like the smell actually!
It is milky and a little thicker, with that tad of stringiness that I observed in the Booster as well.

I have no idea why my fingers were moving like that...
It is very nice to apply, smooth and refreshing.
The Emulsion is quite lightweight as well so no heaviness or oiliness at all!
I think it might possibly be moisturizing enough to use for oily skins instead of a moisturizer, but normal and dry skin should definitely follow this up by another product.
It does really Snazz up any routine!

Nature Republic Snail Therapy  Emulsion swatch

The snail goodness is soothing and simply wonderful and the texture and smell makes this a great product all around.

The ingredients for both these items are nice and gentle and I believe they would be great replacements for the people that are currently looking for a new powerful snail product after the Benton disaster.

It seems that Nature Republic has since upgraded this line and it is now called Snail Solution.

PH: Skin Booster 4.5, Emulsion 4.5
Ingredients: Skin Booster, Emulsion

I give the Booster a 4.5 and the Emulsion a 5.
Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

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