Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

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The abominable Dr Phibes

From the first ten minutes of silence to ending on ”Over the rainbow” this film is an absolute must see!
It is kind of difficult to describe, but maybe mentioning some key elements would make it easier to picture.
The world of doctor Phibes is surrounded by incredibly beautiful and picturesque art deco sets, that take away the need of any interesting plot at all because you would be satisfied just watching the scenes. The main story line is about biblically inspired and very ingenious saw-esque murders, and we are talking about a film made in the 70s here. Vincent Prices acting is like so often delightful and fabulous and all of these so far mentioned oddities are surrounded by a very random but wonderful score.

The abominable Dr Phibes became an instant classic, and I’m convinced that it is a big inspiration for many a filmmaker and actor.

When I finished watching it I just thought I want to see some more!
Apparently people back in 1971 thought the same, because there is a sequel;, Dr Phibes rises again…

Music & Violence

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-->Hip hop glorifies crime. Reggae hates homosexuals and encourages drug usage. Punk music creates anarchy. Marlin Manson is the DEVIL! These are some of the things that music, according to many, is doing to our poor souls!
There is so much psychology involved with music and sounds. It’s absolutely fascinating! I was just thinking about a story my cousin once told me about Hitler. He said that when Hitler used to put together political rallies, he would intentionally have a really low, single base tone playing out of the speakers for a while before entering the stage. The reason for this was that he knew that this particular sound creates anxiety and uneasiness amongst its listeners and he turned the sound of the second he entered the stage, which gave the effect of HIM being the reliever of this anxiety that people were feeling! Manipulation on a high level, used to create and enhance the aggression and violence that lures in almost every one of us...

I enjoy watching fighting sports. Nowadays it’s usually MMA but it used to be boxing that took my time. I remember wondering if the pro boxers themselves chose the music they would enter the arena with. I remember one fight in particular. It was the Mike Tyson vs. Lennox Lewis battle! Tyson coming in to some heavy base hip hop could have been DMX or something, really representing his aggressive style and appearance. Lennox on the other hand came along, trotting his dreads to Bob Marley’s classic, “Crazy Baldheads”. So perfectly referring to Tyson’s bald, and somewhat crazy, head! Ha! Classic stuff...

One thing I’ve noticed is what an incredible effect chanting has on people and how easy aggression and violence erupt from it. A perfect example of this is the, soon to be cult talk show, Jerry Springer. You men out there probably remember the rings of bloodthirsty schoolboys in the yards, chanting: FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! When 2 kids bumped heads. Jerry Springer is the adult version of that, broadcasted on international TV. Ha! Classic material...
To really underline the actual power and effect of music effecting our aggressions I’ll finish with talking about music actually STOPPING violence. It would be impossible to count but how many soldiers do you think was affected by Lennon’s “Imagine” or Jackson’s “We are the world”. Music can be used in any direction so the power in it should never be underestimated! Let’s just hope that people wise up and use it for good...

Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

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Where the Wild things are
Directed by Spike Jonze
Starring: Max Records, Catherine Keener, Mark Ruffalo

When I was little I used to read the book by Maurice Sendak.
I don’t remember much but I do have a nice image in my head, from furry and kind monsters that live in a dark and slightly abstract world.
So when I heard there was going to be a live action movie based on it, specially directed by Spike Jonze, I got very excited.
After watching the trailer though, I expected much less from the film then I did when I first heard about the project.
And my presentiment turned out to be right.
The visuals are nice but the movie is unfortunately a little too slow.
I don’t know what happened to Spike Jonze's movies? They started out so good (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation etc...) but since Synecdoche, New York they are just too slow for me.
It’s still worth watching if you are into that kind of films, and in the end it’s your opinion that counts.

Sneak peak preview

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I am already creating some items for next year’s Christmas.
Think that is a little too early?
Well since I started so late with the Christmas preparations this year (October), I still have plenty of ideas and inspirations left.
Here is a sneak peak to what might be coming the next holiday season.
So go stock up on hot cocoa and don’t get stuck in the snow.